Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chaos Deathwatch

I am converting up the deathwatch marines into chaos models.

To start with, shall be a terminator lord conversion, I am thinking nurgle or tzeentch alpha legion.

Update: 018/04/2016:

UPDATE 26.04.2016:
Turns out he is a sorc:

A loyal wolf of cthonia:

The Truth of Caliban:

Update: 30.04.2016:
Ang Malor, The Unyielding

Update: 04.05.2016.

UPDATE: 27.05.2016

More chosen:

UPDATE: 10.07.2016

Biker sorc

UPDATE: 16.07.2016

More biker sorcerer:

UPDATE: 20.07.2016

More Terminator pics, wip:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Forest of Nightmares

I am working on turning some Dryads into plaguebearers using my homebrew codex.

Here is an icon bearer with Plague Banner WIP.

UPDATE 25.02.2016:
I sculpted some stuff, it didn't work perfectly, but I think it got the idea across and will be just fine at a foot or greater distance. Plus I started work on the plagueridden with balesword, still need gapfilling there though. Other models too, but no pics of them yet.

UPDATE 06.03.2016:
Some more work on this:

UPDATE 26.04.2016:
More work, mostly priming: